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Unidirectional supporting structure for microelectromechanical transducers

A microelectromechanical transducer including a plurality of parallel electrically conductive strips maintained in closely spaced relation by a plurality of spacers can generate useful displacements and forces. The transducer can be strengthened by arranging the conductive strips in cells surrounded by unidirectional cell stiffening members and unidirectional displacement limiting members. The unidirectional cell stiffening members may include notches. The unidirectional displacement limiting members may include unidirectional buckling straps or flexible arches. The cells of electrically conductive strips can be organized in modular or fractal arrays.


Bobbio, SM., DuBois, TD., Tranjan, FM., Bousaba, Y., Jacobson, JD., Goodwin, S., & McKay, K. (1995). IPC No. U.S. Unidirectional supporting structure for microelectromechanical transducers. (Patent No. 5434464).