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Thermal challenges in next-generation electronic systems

Thermal challenges in next-generation electronic systems, as identified through panel presentations and ensuing discussions at the workshop, Thermal Challenges in Next Generation Electronic Systems, held in Santa Fe, NM, January 7-10, 2007, are summarized in this paper. Diverse topics are covered, including electrothermal and multiphysics codesign of electronics, new and nanostructured materials, high heat flux thermal management, site-specific thermal management, thermal design of next-generation data centers, thermal challenges for military, automotive, and harsh environment electronic systems, progress and challenges in software tools, and advances in measurement and characterization. Barriers to further progress in each area that require the attention of the research community are identified.


Garimella, SV., Fleischer, AS., Murthy, JY., Keshavarzi, A., Prasher, R., Patel, C., ... Raad, PE. (2008). Thermal challenges in next-generation electronic systems. IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, 31(4), 801-815. https://doi.org/10.1109/TCAPT.2008.2001197