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Scanning apparatus and associated method

A scanning apparatus adapted to track or other wise communicate with a remote object is provided, comprising a plurality of individually actuatable laser devices, each laser device emitting a laser beam. The scanning apparatus further comprises a moveable lens member disposed adjacent to the output ports such that the laser beams are directed therethrough, the lens member being moveable and cooperable with the laser devices such that each laser beam is directed in a different direction after passing through the lens member. The scanning apparatus is further configured to provide laser beam agility by selectively actuating individual laser devices so as to coarsely track the remote object and to provide laser beam steerability by moving the lens member with respect to an actuated laser device so as to finely track the remote object. An associated method is also provided.


Roberson, M., & Dausch, D. (2004). IPC No. U.S. Scanning apparatus and associated method. (Patent No. 6680788).