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The Role of Partner Support Among Women With Depressive Symptoms

Scarce research has explored how sex partners
and their provision of social support impact depression
among women. The purpose of this study is to examine the
role of social support (overall and specific types of support)
provided by a sex partner on depressive symptoms among a
sample of women (n=295). We assessed depression using
the Centers for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale
and used a social network inventory to evaluate partner
characteristics and types of support provided. Overall 76%
(n=225) of the sample experienced depressive symptoms
in the past 90 days. Approximately one-third of the sample
had a partner who provided emotional support (33.9%),
financial support (36.6%), or socialization support (40.0%).
About 41% of women said their partner offered no support
while 16.3% had a partner who gave all three types of support.
These findings demonstrate that partners and the level
and types of support provided should not be discounted in
mental health assessments.


Davey-Rothwell, M., Stewart, J., Vadnais, A., Braxton, S., & Latkin, C. (2017). The Role of Partner Support Among Women With Depressive Symptoms. Community Mental Health Journal.