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Report of the 1989 Asilomar meeting on education in genetic counseling

In September, 1989, 35 individuals representing training programs for genetic counselors and genetic nurse specialists, the Education Committee of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), and others with interest and expertise in genetic counselor education met at Asilomar, CA. The purpose of this meeting was to reevaluate training program curricula, both didactic and experiential; to discuss the need for and desirability of advanced graduate education in genetic counseling; and to consider whether alternatives to master's-level training are needed to overcome a growing manpower shortage in the provision of genetics services. This article summarizes recommendations for master's-level training curricula, reviews options and implications for post-master's genetic counselor education, and examines issues related to training for people without a master's degree who also provide patient and community genetics education.


Walker, A. P., Scott, J. A., Biesecker, B. B., Conover, B., Blake, W., & Djurdjinovic, L. (1990). Report of the 1989 Asilomar meeting on education in genetic counseling. American Journal of Human Genetics, 46(6), 1223-30.