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Pulmonary vaccine delivery

This review will discuss developments in the field of pulmonary vaccine delivery. The possibilities of adopting aerosol-generation technology and specific pharmaceutical formulations for the purpose of pulmonary immunization are described. Aerosol-generation systems might offer advantages with respect to vaccine stability and antigenicity. Adjuvants and their inclusion in vaccine-delivery systems are described. Other formulation components, such as surfactants, particulate systems and dispersion of the aerosols are detailed in this paper. The noninvasive, relatively safe and low-cost nature of pulmonary delivery may provide great benefits to the public health vaccination campaign


Lu, DM., & Hickey, A. (2007). Pulmonary vaccine delivery. Expert Review of Vaccines, 6(2), 213-226. https://doi.org/10.1586/14760584.6.2.213

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