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Novel bioactive phenanthrene derivatives from Domohinea perrieri

Four novel phenanthrene derivatives were isolated from

Domohinea perrieri Leandri (Euphorbiaceae) collected in Madagascar, and

have been structurally assigned as

3,6-dihydroxy-1,7-dimethyl-9-methoxyphenanthrene (1),

3,6-dihydroxy-1-hydroxymethyl-9-methoxy-7-methylphenanthrene (2),

3,6-dihydroxy-7-hydroxymethyl-9-methoxy-1-methylphenanthrene (3), and

3,6-dihydroxy-1,7-dihydroxymethyl-9-methoxyphenanthrene (4),

respectively. A further constituent was the navel hexahydrophenanthrene

derivative, domohinone (5), whose structure was confirmed by

single-crystal X-ray crystallography. Compounds 1-5 were evaluated for

cytotoxic and bleomycin-mediated DNA strand-scission activities.


Long, L., Lee, SK., Chai, HB., Rasoanaivo, P., Gao, Q., Navarro, H., ... Kinghorn, AD. (1997). Novel bioactive phenanthrene derivatives from Domohinea perrieri. Tetrahedron, 53(46), 15663-15670.