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Hydraulic cement set-accelerating admixtures incorporating glycols

New set-accelerating admixtures for hydraulic cement compositions are disclosed. These admixtures incorporate known set accelerators and certain low molecular weight glycols, e.g., glycerol and ethylene glycol, are found to be surprisingly effective in decreasing the initial set time of hydraulic cements, mortars, and concretes, and are advantageous as reduced-temperature set-accelerators. Preferred embodiments of the invention may also comprise a component selected from the group consisting of certain alkanolamines and mixtures thereof.


Arfaei, A., Berke, N. S., Jeknavorian, A. A., Gartner, E. M., Hartman, J. R., & Myers, D. (1994). IPC No. U.S.Hydraulic cement set-accelerating admixtures incorporating glycols (Patent No. 5348583.)