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FDA labeling cost model


Muth, M., Gledhill, E., & Karns, S. (2003). FDA labeling cost model. (Prepared for the Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition). Unknown Publisher.


Many of the food safety and nutrition regulations proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require labeling changes for the affected products. In some cases, the labeling change is the purpose of the regulation, while in other cases, it is an indirect effect of the regulation. These labeling changes are part of the costs of complying with regulations and thus are included in the costbenefit analyses conducted by FDA. FDA contracted with (Research Triangle Institute) RTI to update RTI's 1990 labeling cost model to make the model more relevant for the types of analyses currently conducted by FDA. This report provides background information on the process of changing the labeling information on food packaging, a description of the revised cost estimates used in the model, a description of the underlying assumptions and calculations used in developing the model, and instructions for working with the model to obtain specific cost estimates.