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Differential gene expression modulated by the cytoplasmic domain of Fc gamma RIa (CD64) alpha-chain

The cytoplasmic domain (CY) of the ligand-binding alpha-chain of the gamma-chain-associated FcRs can modulate receptor function such as phagocytosis, endocytosis, and intracellular trafficking of receptor-Ag complexes. To assess the potential role of the CY domain of human FcgammaRIa (CD64) alpha-chain in the transcriptional regulation of receptor-induced gene expression, we developed stably transfected murine macrophage cell lines expressing a full-length or a CY deletion mutant (tail-less) of human FcgammaRIa to analyze gene expression in response to receptor-specific cross-linking. Using the Affymetrix murine genome U74Av2 GeneChip array, we observed >100 candidate genes having > or =2-fold difference expression at 1.5 and 3 h after stimulation. Focusing on several immunologically related genes, we confirmed differential expression of M-CSF, macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1, leukocyte-specific protein 1, MIP-2, and IL-1R antagonist by RT-PCR and RNase protection assays. Analysis of mRNA stability indicated that the differential regulation of gene expression by the CY of the CD64 alpha-chain is at the level of gene transcription. Our results indicate that the CY of the CD64 alpha-chain modulates transcriptional activity induced by receptor-specific engagement in macrophages and provides a framework for understanding distinct expression profiles elicited by different Fc gamma-chain-associated receptors


Qin, H., Edberg, JC., Gibson, AW., Page, G., Teng, L., & Kimberly, RP. (2004). Differential gene expression modulated by the cytoplasmic domain of Fc gamma RIa (CD64) alpha-chain. Journal of Immunology, 173(10), 6211-6219.