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Detection of corrosion using dispersed embedded sensors

A corrosion sensor system includes one or more corrosion sensors embedded in a coating material such as an anti-corrosion coating material. Each corrosion sensor may include a resonator disposed on a dielectric substrate, and has a resonant frequency in a radio frequency (RF) range or an infrared (IR) range, and is configured for interacting with an RF or IR excitation signal to produce an RF or IR measurement signal. The corrosion sensor system may be applied to an object for which corrosion is to be monitored. A corrosion detection system includes a data acquisition system that transmits the excitation signal to the corrosion sensor, and receives the measurement signal from the corrosion sensor for analysis to determine whether corrosion has occurred.


Goodwin, S. H., Roberson, M. W., Lewis, J. S., & Temple, D. S. (2019). Detection of corrosion using dispersed embedded sensors. (Patent No. 10,209,175).