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Focus Areas


Bridging boundaries through technology

Telehealth offers a way to span geography and improve access to care. This can be through direct patient care, provider education, or some combination.  Whatever the use of telehealth, RTI offers policy analysis, applied research, customized technical assistance, and evaluation services. 

The telehealth policy landscape is changing and the RTI team is experienced in analyzing federal, state, and local policies and programs related to telehealth. We understand that regulatory and reimbursement concerns are among the most prevalent for telehealth and can conduct applied research throughout the telehealth lifecycle to inform implementation. Our team has experienced technical assistance providers who apply innovative approaches to support before, during and after telehealth. Evaluation and continuous improvement can help improve telehealth efforts. 

Our Telehealth Capabilities

We design and deliver customized solutions to help Federal agencies, states and providers with telehealth programs. RTI can offer support throughout the telehealth cycle to providers, payers, telehealth vendors, agencies and policymakers

  • Planning – Planning for telehealth services including conducting readiness assessments, service selection and surveying the landscape
  • Pilot or Demonstration Support – Services related to starting, implementing and evaluating pilot or demonstration programs
  • Implementation – Support for telehealth implementations including support for education and outreach and technical assistance
  • Evaluation and Continuous Improvement – Assessment and optimization of telehealth programs
  • Policy Analysis and Evaluation – Understanding policy implications of telehealth

Our Promise

We are committed to improving the effectiveness of telehealth.

Please let us know if we can help you.