Michelle Casper

Research Analyst

Michelle Casper


  • MS, Criminal Justice, North Carolina Central University
  • BA, Criminology, North Carolina State University. Graduated cum laude.
  • BA, Political Science (concentration in Law and Justice; minor in Social Work), North Carolina State University. Graduated cum laude.

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Michelle Casper, a research analyst in the Policing Research Program, has well-rounded experience in analyzing criminal data through extensive analysis of public databases, social media, and relevant criminal documents. Ms. Casper has worked with law enforcement at local, county, state, and federal levels. She helped identify criminal suspects and criminal enterprises associated with any criminal activity that operates across North Carolina’s jurisdiction and helped organize the information to disseminate to law enforcement.

Ms. Casper conducted rigorous data collection and research that provided intelligence for law enforcement personnel and public officials across the state for financial crimes and homicides, arson, and robbery. Ms. Casper is interested in the relationship of law enforcement and stakeholders in the community. Her research has included crime victimization surveys for apartments in Raleigh, NC, analysis of pedophilia, and social network analysis mapping for the Faith Based Community Project. Additional research interests include policing, homeland security, and terrorism.