Lauren Klein Warren

Research Statistician

Lauren Klein Warren


  • MS, Analytics, North Carolina State University
  • BS, Statistics, North Carolina State University
  • BS, Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University

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Lauren Klein Warren is a research statistician and data scientist in RTI’s Center for Data Science (CDS). In addition to statistical data processing, data analysis, analytical modeling, and survey sampling activities, she is helping build the CDS.

Ms. Warren is an adept advanced SAS and SUDAAN programmer, with a solid foundation in statistical analysis, and also has proficiency in other software packages such as SPSS, Stata, and R. She holds a master’s degree in Advanced Analytics from NC State University and has a background in statistics and applied mathematics. Lauren enjoys working with her colleagues to integrate data science skills into all of RTI’s research domains. She has experience in team leadership and task management from her projects at RTI as well as during her practicum experience in her master’s program.

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