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Judd Larson

Research Chemical and Environmental Engineer


PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Wyoming
ME, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida
BS, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida


Judd Larson is a chemical and environmental engineer specializing in sustainable waste management as well as pollution prevention, control, and remediation. He pulls from a breadth of general engineering skills such as problem-solving with keen attention to detail, statistical and computational methods, and experimental design to guide clients towards their sustainability goals.

At RTI he has provided guidance and testing on Version 4.0 of the Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance model for the EPA and aided in initial planning to mitigate high lead levels within North Carolina public schools and daycare centers. In addition, he works to help clients better understand the costs and environmental impacts of their waste systems using a computer-based Municipal Solid Waste Decision Support Tool.

Before joining RTI in 2021, Dr. Larson worked at CDM-Smith on projects related to solid waste design and engineering, remediation, chemical fate and transport, stormwater quality and hydraulic modeling, sanitary sewer inflow and infiltration, wastewater and water treatment plant design and engineering, potable water pipeline design, and construction, trenchless technologies, air quality, and environmental life cycle analyses. Subsequently, at Western Research Institute, he aided in developing a novel biological carbon capture process using chemolithoautotrophic bacteria. More recently, at the University of Wyoming, he taught Multicomponent Thermodynamics and Unit Operations 1 and 2 for six years and consulted on numerous environmental projects.

Dr. Larson is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Wyoming. He is skilled in MS Excel-based Visual Basic programming and macro development, along with AutoCAD, JMP, SAS, and SPSS. Some of his notable publications include Factors affecting the rate of anaerobic cellulose biodegradation by a methanogenic cellulolytic enrichment consortium sourced from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, Investigations at a bioreactor landfill to aid in the operation and design of horizontal injection liquids addition systems, and A field study to estimate the vertical gas diffusivity and permeability of compacted MSW using a barometric pumping analytical model.

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