Jay Feldman

Program Director, Collective Impact, Center for the Evaluation and Study of Educational Equity

Jay Feldman


  • PhD, Psychology, Boston College
  • MA, Education, Harvard University
  • BA, Psychology, Carleton College

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Jay Feldman specializes in developmental, utilization, and participatory evaluation approaches and conducts evaluations across K-16 and community based organizations. He is committed to research guided by social justice. He balances the perspectives of researchers and practitioners, focusing on research that will have practical and immediate value to practitioners to develop policies and practices that will improve outcomes and access, particularly for people of color, who are often among the most disenfranchised by current systems that perpetuate discrimination.

Dr. Feldman’s current projects include the evaluation of a collective impact project working to decrease economic disparities in seven cities. At the K-12 level, he is directing a Race to the Top Award examining partnerships between school districts and community-based organizations. He also leads postsecondary education evaluations of grants under the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program and three studies focused on students with disabilities in postsecondary institutions. Dr. Feldman joined RTI in 2013 with the acquisition of MPR Associates. He previously worked in small nonprofit organizations, providing technical assistance and support to schools working to advance educational equity.