Elaine Gay

Research Pharmacologist

Elaine Gay


  • PhD, Neurobiology, University of North Carolina
  • BS, Biology, Furman University

Elaine Gay, Ph.D., is a neuropharmacologist focused on understanding the structure and function of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR) and ligand-gated ion channels. 

Her research interests include functional selectivity (ligand-bias) of novel drugs at GPCRs, in particular dopamine receptors and orphan receptors. She studies the unique signaling properties of functionally selective compounds and how varied cellular signaling profiles translate into behavioral and therapeutic outcomes across neurobiological disorders.

Dr. Gay is also investigating the structure and physiology of neuronal nicotinic receptors and their role in Alzheimer’s disease and addiction. 

Dr. Gay is involved in cell-based assay development and lead optimization of new compounds for GPCRs and ion channels. She has experience in characterization of novel ligand/receptor interactions through receptor binding studies and multiple GPCR functional assays. Dr. Gay has expertise in electrophysiological techniques, including two-electrode voltage clamp, manual patch clamp, and automated electrophysiology. She has conducted experiments on microelectrode array platforms for assessment of integrated cardiac signaling.