Benjamin T. Allaire

Health Economist

Benjamin Allaire


  • MS, Economics, The University of Texas
  • BA, Economics, Biology Minor, University of Virginia
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Benjamin T. Allaire is a health economist with extensive expertise in quantifying the costs of illness, cost-effectiveness, and developing simulation models. Mr. Allaire has used claims data to estimate the burden of breast cancer and mental illness, respectively. He has directed CDC projects on estimating the alcohol-attributable costs of breast cancer in young women and modeling the impact of nutritional policies on diabetes and CVD He has authored several manuscripts on the financial implication of breast cancer in young women. He has led the examination of the use of MAX data to understand the impact of psychotropics on morbid obesity diagnoses in foster care children as well as several papers on the cost of psychotropic drugs in children. He has lead the development of the costing tool for the Global HEARTS Technical package. He has published in a variety of journals, including Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Health Services Research, American Heart Journal, Obesity, Journal of Clinical Hypertension, and Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.