Within-Subject Clinical Trials Webinar

Introduction to New Methods and Statistical Models

June 22, 2017

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Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have a long history as the standard for testing the safety and efficacy of treatments. Yet, undertaking an RCT can be a challenge for a number of scenarios such as conducting a pilot study, or when funding is limited or the patient population is small.

Watch the recording of our webinar, Within-Subject Clinical Trials: Introduction to New Methods and Statistical Models, to learn more about the rapidly-evolving methodology that is ideal for these situations.

WSCTs utilize small sample sizes and leverage data collected from an individual, multiple times over a short period of time. Innovative methods for rigorous data analysis are then applied, giving you results faster than traditional approaches. We’ll illustrate these methods using recent study examples and present the statistical models used. We’ll also provide guidance on when to use these methods, the experimental designs needed, and the nature of the results that WSCTs provide.

What you will learn:

  • A clinical trial method for early phase testing of safety, side effects, and dosage, while at the same time obtaining rigorous estimates of efficacy for later phase randomized control trials.
  • Early phase methodology that requires fewer people, less time, and usually less funding than traditional early phase methods.
  • Statistical techniques for gathering evidence to guide go/no-go decisions about whether investment in a novel drug is likely to pay off.

Watch the Recording

View the recording of the webinar