2019 Federal CASIC Workshops

April 16, 2019 to April 17, 2019

Event Website

Several RTI researchers will present during the 2019 Federal Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection (CASIC) Workshops, being held April 16-17 in Washington, DC.

This free event from the United States Census Bureau looks at how Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection can be used by federal agencies.

Among the topics of discussion are privacy, confidentiality, and disclosure Issues; big data and paradata; survey management and design; statistical advances; and new technology and software development.

RTI experts who will be presenting at the event are:

Karen Davis and Jane Shepherd (Invited Moderator):

"Management Challenges related to Staffing, recruiting and retention – focused on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence"

"Top three challenges in Survey Technology and Programming in the agency/organization"

Ian Thomas:

“Making Survey Data More Accessible Through Web Based Analytical Software”

Emily Hadley:

“Machine Learning for Medical Coding in Health Care Surveys”

Rob Chew:

“Deep Learning for Development of Household List Frames in Low- and Middle-Income Countries”

Peter Baumgartner (Invited Panelist): 

“Improving Estimates of Arrest Related Deaths with Machine Learning”

Kevin Wilson:

"Coding And Tagging of Qualitative Interview Transcripts Using a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-Based Machine Learning Algorithm"

Ramasubramanian Suresh:          

"Blaise 5 in Production"

Helen Ray:         

"Considerations Associated with Building, Marketing, Maintaining and Managing a Big Data Repository Project"

Gene Farrelly:  

"Security in Corporate Networks"

Rebecca Watkins:           

"Applying UI/UX Best Practices for Web Surveys"

Matt Bensen:   

"Rostering with VOXCO"