RTI has worked in Jordan for over 15 years, providing technical assistance, institutional strengthening, and program support, as well as conducting research. Working with local partners and stakeholders, our solutions promote sustainability, self-reliance, and success at scale.

Our experience in Jordan ranges from improving early education—including research on early childhood development of refugee populations and analyzing Kindergarten attendance—to conducting a study on investment in tobacco control and increasing business skills of youth. We have also helped improve water sector governance to strengthen water security and worked to increase women’s participation in the energy sector.

Our Recent Project Experience in Jordan

Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Initiative (RAMP)2015–2022
National Education Surveys in Jordan2011–2015
Institutional Support and Strengthening Program2011–2014
Impact Evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Compact with Jordan2012–2014
Evaluation of the Jordan Education Initiative2007–2008