Lightning strikes amid ominous storm clouds above a rural landscape.
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Providing insight for better informed hydrologic decisions in the face of a changing climate

Flood events and extended droughts are of significant and growing concern in nearly all parts of the world. A critical requirement across all water resources applications is high quality hydrometeorological information. Precipitation data are needed to assess either high-flow hydrologic events or extended periods of drought, and temperature data are necessary to consider snowpack or rain-on-snow hydrologic events. Storm reconstructions and analyses are integral parts of deterministic probable maximum flood calculations and probabilistic flood studies.  

At the RTI Center for Water Resources, our experts are recognized leaders who support state and federal agencies, dam safety programs, watershed management groups, water utilities, and hydropower generators with hydrometeorological inputs for flood risk assessments, climate resiliency applications, and water monitoring and forecasting. We can help you address key decisions about extreme hydrologic events stemming from large, rare storms in a changing climate.

Our hydrometeorological services include the following:

  • Probabilistic precipitation-frequency relationship development at point or watershed scales
  • Probable maximum precipitation estimation for probable maximum flood studies
  • Incorporation of climate change information into water resource applications

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