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Measuring individual participation on the interdisciplinary team

In this paper we describe a scale designed to measure individual participation in interdisciplinary team meetings. Data from an observational study of team meetings at a residential institution for severely and profoundly mentally retarded persons were used to examine the measurement characteristics of the scale. Acceptable levels of interobserver agreement were found. A principal components analysis demonstrated that participation is not a unitary construct, but consists of at least five relatively independent dimensions. A generalizability study indicated that participation varies across team meetings and suggested that at least two observations are needed to obtain an adequate picture of typical participation. A sample application of the scale was described, and implications of the scale for researchers and practitioners were discussed


Bailey, D., Helsel-DeWert, M., Thiele, JE., & Ware, WB. (1983). Measuring individual participation on the interdisciplinary team. American Journal of Mental Deficiency, 88(3), 247-254.