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RTI Press Research Brief

Cancer symptoms and side effects

Cancer survivors have unique physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health needs. These can include symptoms and side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment, such as pain, cognitive dysfunction, insomnia, and elevated anxiety...

RTI Press Research Brief

A better, faster road from biological data to human health

Traditionally, the interactions of drugs and toxicants with human tissue have been investigated in a reductionist way—for example, by focusing on specific molecular targets and using single-cell-type cultures before testing compounds in whole...

RTI Press Research Brief

The GreenSeeker Handheld

The GreenSeeker Handheld crop sensor is an innovative diagnostic tool that farmers can use to improve their fertilizer use efficiency. Over the last decade, farmers in the Yaqui Valley, Sonora, Mexico, widely adopted the technology. Adoption led...

RTI Press Research Brief

Assessing India’s innovation ecosystem

India is a growing, global economic powerhouse experiencing rapid growth and industry diversification. India’s rich tradition of science, large and youthful population, and emerging corporate strength bode well for future possibilities. However,...

RTI Press Research Brief

Technological advances to improve food security

Ensuring a stable and healthful food supply for the world’s growing population has become increasingly urgent, particularly in the face of climate change. In spite of expected increases in food production in developing countries, the number of...

RTI Press Research Brief

Training and development at both ends of the workforce continuum

In the US, the youth (16 to 24 years old) unemployment rate has been in double-digits for the last seven years. During recessions and in weak job markets, youth are usually the first to be fired and last to be hired. While older workers (55 years...

RTI Press Research Brief

Exhaled electronic cigarette emissions

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are a new category of nicotine delivery devices designed to closely mimic the experience of smoking conventional cigarettes. Little is known about the factors of e-cigarettes that determine non-user (...

RTI Press Research Brief

Gender-responsive sanitation solutions in urban India

A growing body of evidence has begun to document the specific challenges women face when accessing and using sanitation facilities, and the resultant adverse impacts on their health, safety, and productivity. In this research brief, we summarize...

RTI Press Research Brief

Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology in Sri Lanka

This research brief examines chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) in Sri Lanka. A new and growing public health challenge that has emerged in Sri Lanka, CKDu is epidemic in selected geographic areas of the country, primarily in its...

RTI Press Research Brief

India, urban sanitation, and the toilet challenge

This research brief builds upon a literature review and stakeholder interviews in India on urban sanitation to examine the public policy landscape for sanitation innovation in the country. India ranks low in terms of sanitation coverage; the...