• Scholarly report

Methodology: U.S. News & World Report 2016-17 Best Hospitals Specialty rankings

The 2016-17 Best Hospitals rankings were drawn from a universe of 4,667 facilities.* The defined universe was the American Hospital Association’s (AHA’s) Annual Survey of Hospitals, which also provided some rankings data. Two or more AHA hospitals were combined for ranking purposes in a small number of cases because they function as a single hospital in one or more specialties but report to AHA as separate facilities.

In 12 of the 16 adult specialty rankings, hospitals received a composite score based on data from multiple sources. Both ranked and unranked hospitals, accompanied by substantive data, are published online at www.usnews.com/besthospitals/rankings. A print edition publishes ranked hospitals showing somewhat less data than the online source.


Olmsted, M., Geisen, E., Murphy, J., Bell, D., Stanley, M., & Powell, R. (2016). Methodology: U.S. News & World Report 2016-17 Best Hospitals: Specialty rankings. Washington, DC: U.S. News & World Report.