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The utilization of health services

Patterns of use of health services by the population residing in the Beirut area are described in this analysis. The data derive from a household sample survey, completed in 1984. Findings reveal that 13.5 percent of the population had visited a physician at least once within the month preceding the interview. Number of visits to physicians varied by sex and age. The experience of illness and injury are the main reasons for going to the doctor, usually practicing in a private clinic. Financial factors were the major constraining factors in the use of physician services....


Kronfol, N., Muawwad-Jarawan, E., & Hourani, L. (1985). The utilization of health services. In H. C. Zurayk, & H. K. Armenian (Eds.), Beirut 1984: A Population and Health Profile (pp. 119-155). Beirut, Lebanon: American University of Beirut.