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Diagnosis: A new era, a new journal

With the number of medical journals now numbering in the tens of thousands, why do we need one more? What’s so special about diagnosis? The question actually contains the answer: Diagnosis is special. Sherwin Nuland may have said it best: Diagnosis is ….“The most critical of a physician’s skills… It is every doctor’s measure of his abilities; it is the most important ingredient in his professional self image.” [1].

Besides being important to physicians, diagnosis is critically important to patients as well, and we will all be patients some day. We will want someone who excels at diagnosis who can tell us what’s wrong with us and what can be done to return us to health. It all starts with diagnosis.


Graber, M., & Plebani, M. (2014). Diagnosis: A new era, a new journal. Diagnosis, 1(1), 1-2. https://doi.org/10.1515/dx-2013-0036

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