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Centrifugal filter for separating aerosol particles from a gas stream

A centrifugal filter for separating aerosol particles from a gasstream including a rotatable hollow hub and at least one pair ofdisks fixedly mounted in spaced apart relationship on the hubwithin a stationary housing mounted on the hub. The hub isperforated in the region between the two disks and is coupled to avacuum pump so that the interior of the hub is at a lower pressurerelative to the space between the disks. The hub is rotated,causing rotation of the disks. Aerosol particles in a flow gas areintroduced between the disks and the housing at the periphery ofthe rotating disks. The pressure differential produced at the hubperforations draws the aerosol laden gas toward the hub. As theaerosol laden gas enters between the rotating disks and thehousing, it experiences an acceleration to nearly the angularvelocity of the disks, which results in a centrifugal force beingapplied to the aerosol particles in a direction opposite to thedrag force exerted by the vacuum pump. The particles in the gasstream remain entrained in the outer periphery where they areremoved, while the gas continues its motion toward the hub, therebyeffecting separation.


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