Assessing the release, fate and transport, and risk of toxic substances to understand potential risks to human health and the environment

The manufacturing, processing, distribution, use, and disposal of commercial and industrial chemicals—including nanomaterials—can pose significant threats to human health and the environment. Naturally occurring microbial substances or pathogens can also pose similar risks.

In support of our clients, we combine predictive modeling and data-driven decision analysis to characterize multimedia, multipathway exposures and risks of toxic substances. We merge expertise in environmental science, toxicology, hydrogeology, statistics, food safety, behavioral science, ecology, and veterinary medicine to support chemical and microbial risk modeling—from quantitative assessments to semi-quantitative and qualitative risk ranking.

We apply a “One Health” approach, considering impacts to human, environmental, and animal health to help clients quantify potential risks to individuals and populations—including children and other sensitive subpopulations—who are exposed to a range of contaminants. Drawing on decades of experience linking environmental and human health problems to associated causes, we then identify and implement reasonable risk mitigation strategies for our clients, including looking for viable, nontoxic alternatives.