Priorities and opportunities in international agriculture

By Shawki Barghouti, Doreen Collins, Luis Crouch, Massoud Moussavi

The paper presents an analysis of major trends in the agricultural sector, among a selection of the major development agencies. The paper starts out by noting what, on the basis of the authors’ appreciation of the data, are some of the important statistical trends that form a backdrop, or should form a backdrop, to agencies’ policies. Trends that are current or relevant for the recent past are noted and commented. Trends that should receive, and are beginning to receive, more attention, are noted. Lastly, some recommendations are made regarding the kinds of policy analysis that institutions might wish to engage in, in order to support both development agencies and developing countries. The paper includes an annex with a detailed illustration of key trends at more than a dozen development agencies, based on those agencies’ literature and the authors’ personal knowledge of the agencies.


Barghouti, S., Collins, D., Crouch, L., & Moussavi, M. (2016). Priorities and opportunities in international agriculture. (RTI Press Occasional Paper No. OP-0027-1607). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI Press.

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Shawki BarghoutiShawki Barghouti, PhD, is an independent consultant, former Director General of the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, and Advisor to the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank.

Doreen CollinsDoreen Collins, MPH, is Program Manager of RTI International’s Center for Clinical Research Network Coordination.

Luis CrouchLuis Crouch, (PhD, Agricultural Economics, University of California, Berkeley) is Vice President and Chief Technical Officer within the International Development Group at RTI International. He has provided policy advice on data and finance to many governments around the world, has a long record of using data for policy advice, and has written extensively on the use of data for development planning and service improvement.

Massoud MoussaviMassoud Moussavi, PhD, is an independent consultant.

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