Detection of drugs and their metabolites in oral fluid

By Robert White Sr., Christine M. Moore, Brian Thomas

"Detection of Drugs and Their Metabolites in Oral Fluid" presents the analytical chemistry methods used for the detection and quantification of drugs and their metabolites in human oral fluid. The authors summarize the state of the science, including its strengths, weaknesses, unmet methodological needs, and cutting-edge trends. This volume covers the salient aspects of oral fluid drug testing, including specimen collection and handling, initial testing, point of collection testing (POCT), specimen validity testing (SVT), and confirmatory and proficiency testing. Analytes discussed include amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, cannabimimetics, and miscellaneous drugs.This practical guide helps users turn knowledge into practice, moving logically from an outline of the problem, to the evaluation of the appropriateness of oral fluid as a test medium, and finally to a consideration of detection methods and their validation and employment.


White Sr., R., Moore, C. M., & Thomas, B. (Ed.) (2018). Detection of drugs and their metabolites in oral fluid. (RTI Press Publication No. BK-Elsevier-09), (Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry; Vol. 9). Cambridge, MA: Elsevier in cooperation with RTI Press.


Robert White Sr.

Christine M. MooreChristine M. Moore, PhD, DSc, Immunalysis Corporation (now a part of Abbott), Pomona, CA, USA

Brian ThomasBrian F. Thomas, PhD, is Principal Scientist, Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics, at RTI International. He has more than 20 years of experience in analytical chemistry and mass spectrometry. He is the principal investigator/co-principal investigator on two National Institute on Drug Abuse repository and purity specification contracts. His principal duties include overseeing the development of chromatographic assays and spectrophotometric assays for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of bulk chemicals or chemicals in dosage formulations, biological fluids, tissues, or other complex matrices. Dr. Thomas was recently awarded RTI’s President’s Award for his scientific contributions to the institute.

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