RTI Alumni Network

Our impressive community of alumni share a common experience of having worked on projects with RTI International. They are difference makers, career professionals, nonprofit leaders and lifelong learners. Your experience with RTI makes you a part of this network, and we want to stay in touch.

With opportunities for long-term in-country, international postings and short-term consulting assignments, we are always seeking individuals to join us in pursuit of the global good. Your experience with RTI puts you a step ahead of other candidates.

Creating a profile in our system is easy and will allow our staff to contact you directly should opportunities arise matching your skills and experience. Please create a profile today with these steps:

  1. Visit the portal link at right for the country where you most recently worked (or your home country).
  2. Upload your CV.
  3. Respond to a few questions.

If you are still working on a project that will soon close out:

  • You don’t have to wait until the project closes to upload your information. Just be sure to specify when you are available.
  • Be sure to use your personal email, phone number and address so that we can find you after your project closes.