• Conference Proceeding

Advanced solid sorbent-based CO2 capture process


Nelson, T. O., Coleman, L. J., Kataria, A., Lail, M., Soukri, M., Quang, D. V., & Abu Zahra, M. R. (2014). Advanced solid sorbent-based CO2 capture process. In 12th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT-12, [63], pp. 2216–2229. .


RTI International, Masdar, and Pennsylvania State University (PSU) are leading an effort to develop an advanced solid sorbent- based CO2 capture process for application to exhaust gas from various industrial sources – including coal-fired power plant flue gas. The technical and economic hurdles to solid sorbent CO2 capture are being addressed through transitioning a promising sorbent chemistry (based on supported amines) to a low-cost sorbent suitable for use in a fluidized-bed process. In parallel, a scalable circulating fluidized-bed process arrangement is being developed. Efforts have focused on improving sorbent stability and performance, converting sorbents to a fluidizable form, producing large quantities (100+ kg) of sorbent through scalable methods, and evaluating the viability of new process designs through bench-scale testing using simulated coal-fired flue gas.