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Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Learning and Adapting

MERLA is the intentional application of results focused monitoring, evaluation, and research tools and methodologies to inform continuous evidence-based learning that is purposefully used to adapt program and policy decision making. It is founded on a desire for more meaningful and sustained results.

In our experience, this requires coordinated and collaborative development efforts that continuously test promising and innovative approaches and strive for improvements grounded in evidence. Through a MERLA approach, RTI guides performance management, helping donors, governments, program staff, partners, and other stakeholders meet rigorous and dynamic data and knowledge needs.

MERLA 101 Course

The MERLA Course is geared towards international development programs. It is designed for individuals with varying levels of MERLA experience and teaches skills important for all levels of project management and technical contribution. It consists of five modules (linked below), covering a range of topics, including:  

  • The purpose and different types of MERLA
  • How MERLA integrates into the full project cycle
  • Developing data collection instruments and managing data for performance monitoring, and evaluation
  • Designing performance indicators
  • Developing a program logic (Theory of Change, Logical Framework, Results Framework)
  • Understanding the costs of implementing MERLA
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