Risk factors for diabetic macular oedema in type 2 diabetes

Aim: To identify risk factors associated with the development of DMO among patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes managed in a primary care setting in the UK. Methods: A case-control study nested in a cohort of incident Type 2 diabetes...


Combining cohorts in longitudinal surveys

A question that commonly arises in longitudinal surveys is the issue of how to combine differing cohorts of the survey. In this paper we present a novel method for combining different cohorts, and using all available data, in a longitudinal...


Optical imaging of arrhythmias in the cardiomyocyte monolayer

In recent years, cultured cardiac cell monolayers have become a contemporary experimental preparation for the study of fundamental mechanisms that underlie normal and pathologic electrophysiology at the tissue level. Ion channels and gap...


Elementary and secondary mathematics and science education 2014

U.S. education reform at the elementary and secondary levels continues to focus on improving students’ learning. Reform goals include increasing student achievement, reducing performance gaps between students in different demographic groups, and...