Elementary and secondary mathematics and science education 2014

U.S. education reform at the elementary and secondary levels continues to focus on improving students’ learning. Reform goals include increasing student achievement, reducing performance gaps between students in different demographic groups, and...


Elementary and secondary mathematics and science education 2012

National and state education policies continue to focus on improving learning by U.S. students. Policy goals include increasing student achievement overall, reducing disparities in performance among key subgroups of students, and moving the...


Integral metal structure with conductive post portions

A plurality of FPGA dice is disposed upon a semiconductor substrate. In order to supply the immense power required by the plurality of FPGA dice, power is routed through the semiconductor substrate vertically from thick metal layers and large...


In system reflow of low temperature eutectic bond balls

Low temperature bond balls connect two structures having disparate coefficients of linear thermal expansion. An integrated circuit is made to heat the device such that the low temperature bond balls melt. After melting, the bond balls solidify,...


The Wilcoxon Two-sample Statistic on Strongly Mixing processes

On the basis of independent samples $\{X_1, \cdots, X_m\}$ and $\{Y_1, \cdots, Y_n\}$ with distributions $F$ and $G$, respectively, the hypothesis that $F \equiv G$ may be tested. Given the functional forms $F(x_1, \cdots, x_m)$ and $G(y_1, \...