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Estimation of non-response bias in the Medicare FFS HOS

We examined non-response bias in physical component summary scores (PCS) and mental component summary scores (MCS) in the Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) using two alternative methods, response propensity weighting and imputation for non-respondents. The two approaches gave nearly identical estimates of non-response bias. PCS scores were 0.74 points lower and MCS scores 0.51 points lower after adjustment for non-response through imputation and 0.63 and 0.46 lower after adjustment for propensity weighting. These levels are small for component scores suggesting that survey non-response to the FFS HOS does not adversely affect estimates of average health status for this population


McCall, N., Khatutsky, G., Smith, K., & Pope, G. (2004). Estimation of non-response bias in the Medicare FFS HOS. Health Care Financing Review, 25(4), 27-41.