A group of professionals talk while silhouetted in front of a large world map.

Integrated Learning Solutions

Developing and delivering state-of-the-art professional development, leadership, and management learning solutions

Based on our deep experience in both international development and client-focused learning solutions, we offer award-winning professional development for global professionals to boost their knowledge and skills as highly adaptive and effective managers and leaders. Our customized solutions bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and actionable learning. They are grounded in the principles of adult learning, and incorporate participatory methodologies, innovation, and technologies to enhance the learning experience. 

We design competency-based programs that blend facilitator-led sessions, e-learning, retreats, coaching, and knowledge management. By incorporating experiential learning opportunities and providing access to tools and resources for individual growth, we prepare our clients for continued success as they enhance their capabilities and leadership skills. We increase their impact and performance in the management of international development and foreign assistance programs.