Consenter helps to ensure you pick the right subjects for clinical trials

Consenter, powered by RTI

Improve the quality of clinical trials with informed consent that speaks the participant's language

February 06, 2018

Clinical trials can be challenging for many participants, resulting in less informed participants and lower trial completion rates. We believe a solution to this challenge is to help participants navigate the complex informed consent process. Consenter eases the way, improving the clinical trial enrollment process through the use of technology and communication expertise. Instead of reading long forms, participants engage with Caroline, the on-screen representative. She takes a patient-centered approach, explains the trial process, and asks single questions using language that participants understand. Multiple languages are available, including American Sign Language (ASL).

With the creation of this e-consent software, RTI scientists researched the optimum ways to engage and educate the participant to positively impact: 

  • Retention
  • Understanding
  • Monitoring
  • Adherence/Compliance
  • Risk

This fully interactive e-consent application helps applicants understand the benefits, risks, and requirements of participation before they sign up. Our process is IRB-compliant, creative and is focused on getting the right participants in your trial. 

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