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Rx Summit 2020 Quiz: Harm Reduction

The Data Story

Grounded in a human rights approach, harm reduction is designed to meet people where they are and offer opportunities to improve their health and well-being. The data behind many harm reduction efforts show that these efforts are successful, but strategies are often stalled or blocked at the policy level.

RTI is helping to understand and expand harm reduction efforts by


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Question 1 of 6

Of the 26 opioid overdoses that occurred at the first U.S. unsanctioned supervised consumption site during 2014–2018, how many resulted in fatalities?

Question 2 of 6

RTI conducted a study to determine if residents and business owners in a Philadelphia neighborhood would support a local supervised consumption site in their community. Findings from the study showed that 63% of business owners and staff were in favor of opening a site.

What percentage of residents favored opening the site?

Question 3 of 6

Fentanyl test strips allow people who use illicitly made street opioids to test their supply for fentanyl.

How likely are people to engage in safer drug use behaviors when the test comes back positive?

Question 4 of 6

According to an RTI study, some people who use fentanyl test strips feel that the strips increase their safety from an overdose.

This is true for what percentage of users?

Question 5 of 6

How likely are syringe services program (SSP) participants to enter drug treatment compared to those who don’t utilize SSPs?

Question 6 of 6

According to an RTI study, what percentage of U.S. counties had implemented overdose education and naloxone distribution programs by the end of 2014?