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Smoking Cessation The Value of a Comprehensive Carved-in Benefit

This qualitative narrative review examines the potential returns from providing smoking cessation treatments (SCTs) through an insurance plan's standard benefit package versus through an optional supplementary wellness ('rider') program. Research indicates most employers offer SCTs as part of a rider available for purchase. Studies demonstrate that the higher the cost of SCTs, the lower the SCT participation rates; when employees receive SCTs, smoking cessation rates increase, effecting lower employee healthcare costs and improved productivity. Employers may receive a considerable return on the investment of offering SCTs as part of comprehensive insurance benefit for their employees as opposed to a rider.


Mark, T., Johnston, S., & Dirani, R. (2008). Smoking Cessation: The Value of a Comprehensive Carved-in Benefit. American Journal of Health Promotion, 23(2), 85-87. [PMID: 19004155]. https://doi.org/10.4278/ajhp.07091499

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