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Predictors of depression among male cancer patients


Godding, P. R., McAnulty, R. D., Wittrock, D. A., DiBenedetti, D., & Khansur, T. (1995). Predictors of depression among male cancer patients. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 183(2), 95-98.


The diagnosis of cancer is often associated with a host of negative emotional responses, including depressed mood. Social support and quality of life were used to predict depression in a sample of older male cancer patients. Depression was found to be a common, but not universal, reaction to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Almost 40% of subjects reported symptoms of moderate depression and nearly one fifth produced scores indicative of clinical depression. A stepwise multiple regression analysis revealed that our social support and quality of life measures accounted for 31.5% of the variance in total Beck Depression Inventory scores. Quality of life accounted for more of the variance in depression than did social support