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A new approach for training infant intervention specialists

This paper describes a new approach to training infant specialists. A joint Master's degree program, based in graduate schools of public health and education, emphasizes cross-disciplinary coursework in maternal and child health and special education. The program emphasizes the importance of forging crucial linkages among the different disciplines and agencies that care for handicapped and at-risk infants. The program emphasizes improved skills in assessing, planning, and intervening on behalf of infants at risk for developmental delays or with severe or multiple handicaps; the ability to work with families; and the ability to develop and appraise community resources.


Farel, AM., Bailey, D., & O'Donnell, KJ. (1987). A new approach for training infant intervention specialists. Infant Mental Health Journal, 8(1), 76-85. https://doi.org/10.1002/1097-0355(198721)8:13.0.CO;2-O