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Gender differences in hospital CEO compensation A national investigation of not-for-profit hospitals

Gender pay equity is a desirable social value and an important strategy to fill every organizational stratum with gender-diverse talent to fulfill an organization's goals and mission. This study used national, large-sample data to examine gender difference in CEO compensation among not-for-profit hospitals. Results showed the average unadjusted annual compensation for female CEOs in 2009 was $425,085 compared with $581,121 for male CEOs. With few exceptions, the difference existed across all types of not-for-profit hospitals. After controlling for hospital- and area-level characteristics, female CEOs of not-for-profit hospitals earned 22.6% less than male CEOs of not-for-profit hospitals. This translates into an earnings differential of $132,652 associated with gender. Explanations and implications of the results are discussed.


Song, P. H., Lee, S-Y. D., Toth, M., Singh, S. R., & Young, G. J. (2018). Gender differences in hospital CEO compensation: A national investigation of not-for-profit hospitals. Medical Care Research and Review. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077558718754573

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