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Economic assessment of central cancer registry operations Part I: methods and conceptual framework

In this article, we report on the development of methods and a framework
to guide the economic evaluation of central cancer registry operations. We used both quantitative and qualitative information collected from central cancer registries funded by the National Program of Cancer Registries to develop the framework. Several factors were identified that can influence the cost of registry operations: size of the geographic area served, quality of the hospital-based registries, setting of the registry, local cost of living,
presence of rural areas, years in operation, volume of cases, complexity of out-ofstate case ascertainment, extent of consolidation of records to cases, and types of advanced activities performed. A range of state-level and central cancer registrylevel factors may influence the cost and cost-effectiveness of registries. These findings will inform planned future economic data collection and cost and costeffectiveness analyses of central cancer registries.


Subramanian, S., Green, J., Tangka, F., Weir, H., Michaud, F., & Ekwueme, D. (2007). Economic assessment of central cancer registry operations: Part I: methods and conceptual framework. Journal of registry management, 34(3), 75-80.