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Devices, systems and methods for detecting particles

A particle detector includes a housing, a light source, and a photo-responsive material. The housing includes a sample inlet and a sample outlet, and encloses a detection cavity. The light source directs irradiating light to particles of a sample fluid flowing in the detection cavity. The photo-responsive material faces the detection cavity, and receives measurement light propagating from the particles in a plurality of measurement light paths angled relative to a longitudinal axis. The particle detector may be utilized to measure scattered light and/or light emitted due to autofluorescence. Fluids sampled may include aerosols, bio-aerosols, and liquids.


Walls, H., Clayton, A., Newsome, RJ., & Hoertz, P. (2018). Devices, systems and methods for detecting particles. (Patent No. 9,915,600).