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Assessing needs of families with handicapped infants

A 35-item parent survey was developed to assess the functional needs of parents with young handicapped children. A rationale for scale development and content is presented. Data from 34 two-parent families with handicapped infants suggest that the instrument is a useful source of intervention goals. Several items emerged as high priority needs for mothers and fathers. Addition of an open-ended response format provided a considerable amount of useful information. A readministration of the measure 6 months later with a subset of 20 families yielded high correlations. Implications of these findings for clinicians working with families of young handicapped children are discussed.


Bailey, D., & Simeonsson, RJ. (1988). Assessing needs of families with handicapped infants. Journal of Special Education, 22(1), 117-127. https://doi.org/10.1177/002246698802200113