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Analysis of a database of materials for HIV prevention program evaluation

Program evaluation technology transfer is the transfer of information on program evaluation from research to practitioners. There have been anecdotal reports of a lack of technology transfer materials related to HIV prevention program evaluation, especially materials usable by persons without extensive training in evaluation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed available program evaluation materials relevant to HIV prevention and developed a database of those materials. Materials were classified according to appropriate audience, level of evaluation expertise required, steps in the evaluation process addressed, and other criteria. The database was queried to determine the number of materials available for various combinations of search criteria. These queries revealed that for certain audiences and steps in the evaluation process there are few materials, especially usable by individuals without evaluation experience. The conclusion is that for certain areas of program evaluation, and for certain audiences, more evaluation technology transfer materials are needed.


Davis, D., Uhl, G., Barrington, T., Rowel, R., Squiers, L., Sharp, K., & O'Brien, G. (2004). Analysis of a database of materials for HIV prevention program evaluation. Health Promotion Practice, 5(4), 444-450.