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After the fall: Czech police in a post-communist era

This article identifies, describes, and analyzes the changes within the Prague Police during the post-Communist period. The Prague Police are the primary law enforcement entity in the capital, which is the largest city in the Czech Republic, one of two countries that constituted the fonner state of Czechoslovakia. The article focuses on the movement of the Prague Police toward a democratic policing organizational structure, stressing the successes and failures that they have encountered. Interviews with 12 key informants, supplemented by media accounts and a variety of other sources, are utilized to explore the unique experiences encountered by that agency. Results indicate that a great deal has been accomplished by the Prague Police in their efforts to move toward what is commonly defined as a democratic style of policing.


Jenks, DA., Costelloe, MT., & Krebs, C. (2003). After the fall: Czech police in a post-communist era. International Criminal Justice Review, 13(1), 90-109. https://doi.org/10.1177/105756770301300105