Version 11 of SUDAAN Statistical Software Released

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – RTI International has released version 11 of its internationally recognized statistics software program, SUDAAN. 

Designed and developed at RTI, SUDAAN provides efficient and accurate analysis of data from complex surveys and experimental studies. SUDAAN procedures properly account for complex design features, such as correlated observations, clustering, weighting and stratification.

“SUDAAN 11 continues our tradition of introducing new enhancements that are not available yet in other statistical software packages,” said Michael Witt, RTI’s SUDAAN project director. “We decide which enhancements to include in each new release based on our customers' needs, requests and feedback.” 

SUDAAN 11 is now available for PC users. The product will be available for Solaris and Linux users soon.

The updated version includes two new pre-analytic procedures for computing weight adjustments and imputation. Additional enhancements include the ability to create new variables inside a SUDAAN procedure, a new "by" statement in all procedures and a new descriptive procedure that will enable users to estimate the precision of user-specified functions of estimates, such as a ratio of ratios.

SUDAAN 11 also includes several specialized statistics and tests, such as Cohen’s kappa measure of inter-rater agreement, the Breslow-Day test for homogeneity of odds ratios in stratified 2x2 tables and the representativity indicator (R-indicator).

Additional information on the new features and enhancements found in SUDAAN 11 is available on the SUDAAN website.

RTI introduced the SUDAAN statistical software in 1970. The software has been developed and supported by numerous individuals and organizations over the years, both within RTI and from various federal and academic institutions. SUDAAN was originally developed by Babu Shah, Ph.D., who retired from RTI in 2003.

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  • RTI International has released version 11 of SUDAAN, an internationally recognized statistics software program
  • The software provides efficient and accurate analysis of data from complex surveys and experimental studies
  • SUDAAN 11 features several enhancements based on customers' needs, requests and feedback