University of Dammam, RTI International partnership to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

DAMMAN, Saudi Arabia—The University of Dammam and RTI International launched a five-year partnership to establish an innovation ecosystem within and around the university, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 

For this program, RTI will build on its experience and knowledge of global best practices in innovation-led economic growth to collaborate with the University of Dammam to develop its programs for innovation and entrepreneurship. These programs will better enable commercially relevant scientific discovery, translational research and development, industry partnerships, entrepreneurship and commercialization.

As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s leadership established goals to develop a knowledge economy as a critical driving force in economic diversification to provide opportunities for its citizens. Saudi Arabia’s vision recognizes that robust innovation ecosystems are essential to achieve these ambitious and transformative goals. 

RTI President and CEO Wayne Holden, Ph.D., said, “University collaborations are important in many of our programs, and we are excited to provide our technical assistance to collaborate with the University of Dammam to achieve greater impact and economic opportunity for the Kingdom and its citizens.”

The University of Dammam aims to create an environment that will foster intellectual curiosity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurialism in scientific research and discovery. In doing so, the university sought to leverage RTI’s broad experience in building capabilities in innovation management and commercialization.

His Excellency Dr. Abdullah A. Al Rubaish, the President of the University of Dammam highlighted the vision of 2030, vision of University of Dammam  and welcome the signing of a landmark  five year collaboration between the University of Dammam and RTI International which he said  is “to develop and implement programs for Innovation, Discovery, Lab2Market, hands-on entrepreneurial support and industry and market outreach, integrating these and other programs into an Innovation Center to catalyze the innovation ecosystem at University of Dammam.”

The partnership will bolster innovation discovery, strengthen the processes and talent within the Patent and Technology Transfer Office, create an innovation center, and begin planning a science park.

About The University of Dammam
The University of Dammam opened its doors to men and women in 1975 with two pioneering colleges, the College of Medicine and the College of Architecture. Almost four decades later, this academic institution has grown into a leading research university with 21 colleges spread throughout the Eastern Province and a student population of over 45,000. The university continues to grow and develop, continually assessing and improving its curricula and expanding its academic capabilities in all disciplines, while at the same time engaging the public in addressing environmental and community challenges.